Dog Grooming

Whether you dog is short or long haired they need to be clean just like we do. Our pets on the other hand get much dirtier because they are always playing in the dirt or rummaging through the trash. If this sounds like something your pet does than they need a bath ASAP, so you’ll want to contact Warner Wags Pet Grooming Studio right away!

We do more than just clip a few tufts of fur. We’ll give your pup the full dog grooming treatment, washing, brushing and clipping so he or she not only looks good, but smells great too! Your dog will look and feel better after visiting our professional pet groomer. And, if your dog has any unwanted friends festering in their coat we also offer tick and flea treatments.

To learn more about our full service pet grooming services in Warner, NH, call Warner Wags Pet Grooming Studio now! We cannot wait to meet your pooch!