Cat Grooming

For pet owners, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of their pet. Pets, especially cats, are considered members of the family. Cats do self-grooming but sometimes, it’s not enough. It's important to have a pet groomer take care of your beloved feline to the highest level.

At Warner Wags Pet Grooming Studio, we provide quality cat grooming. We provide de-shedding and de-skunking to remove foul odors and lessen the loss of fur that can lower your confidence with your pet. If your cat has a longer coat of fur, we can give him or her a little trim so that the hair is out of the way.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, they often attract pesky little fleas. At Warner Wags Pet Grooming Studio, we know how irritating this can be for your furry friends. With our flea treatments we will make sure your feline doesn’t have to deal with any unwanted itching.

With our extensive experience, we have grown to become the best in the business when it comes to pet care. Our pet grooming salon will take care of the your precious pet when you contact Warner Wags Pet Grooming Studio in Warner, NH.